The Phoenix of Light

Once upon a time in a land far, far away there was a kingdom, ruled by a Phoenix. It spread light and warmth everywhere. Everyone knew it existed, but no one ever saw it.


Tomy and his friend where playing in Tomy’s backyard and Tomy saw a blinding light in the sky, he had never seen anything like it. He runs with his friend to tell his parents. He asked them what it was but they had no idea. His friend was freaked out so he called his parents to come and pick him up.


Tomy was a 10 year old kid he had brown hair and he was the most popular kid at school. He had tons of friends, and his best friend Nick though he was the coolest kid at school but he wasn’t. Every time he said that, Tomy laughed and Nick never knew why, and he will never know, Tomy’s family had never told him about the Phoenix. They weren’t poor or rich, they were average.


One day Tomy’s parents told him all about the Phoenix and Tomy though that he was the first boy to see it. He told all his friends and since he was the coolest kid in school they all believed him. After that he was the most popular kid in the city then from an average family they became a rich family because he claimed to see the Phoenix.


In that land they where much smarter than us. So, instead of having wheels they had hover cars, bikes, scooters and all that stuff. But all those things were really expensive so Tomy’s family couldn’t buy them so they still used wheels. Now that Tomy was rich he bough all the stuff.


Every day when Tomy woke up to go to school, throw the window of his room he saw the Phoenix each time closer. One day the Phoenix stopped at Tomy’s window and he heard in his mind the Phoenix saying: “jump on my back, jump on my back”, so Tomy opened his window and jumped on the giant bird.

The bird had a saddle and when Tomy got on it, it was really warm because the magnificent animal was on fire. While Tomy was on the bird, he heard in his head: “you are my master; I do whatever you tell me to. You are the new king, you are the chosen one and your destiny must be fulfilled.”

But Tomy had no idea of what his destiny was so he asked the bird: “What is my destiny and who are you?”

The bird replied: “Your destiny is to become king and I am the Phoenix of light.”



Tomy never thought he was going to be king. He knew he was smart and cool but who would think that a 10 year old boy was going to be king. But how bad could it be so…… Then Tomy suddenly said: “OH NO!!! Look at the time!!! I have to go to school or I’ll be late for my first time…… AH!!!! I have to get dressed, got to hurry. “

But the Phoenix knew what to do. He took off and he went through a cloud and when they got to the other side of it, Tomy was dressed and the Phoenix was going at 1,000 Km per hour,   taking the boy to school. While they were flying he said to Tomy: “You are never going to be late or sick again, your Hines.”


When they arrived to school they where early and every time you are early you get to play in the school yard. All the kids saw the Phoenix and when they saw Tomy getting off him everyone asked him “can I try!?!?” but Tomy said “NO!!!” then everyone went crying except for Nick and he asked Tomy: “Can I try?” Tomy said “Yes…. but with me, just let me ask the Phoenix.” Tomy asked him “Can you hold two people?” The Phoenix said “yes I can your Hines”. So the kids went flying off to have fun and when school started they were already there. 


 After school Tomy went to explore the land with the Phoenix, Tomy asked the Phoenix: “Can I call you Fnix???” The Phoenix said: “Yes you can.” So Tomy and Fnix went on with this rooting:

1.     Weak up.

2.     Go for a ride.

3.     Go to school.

4.     Go explore the kingdom.

5.     Go to the house.

6.     Eat diner.

7.     Go to bed.


Every day they did the same things. But one day they went to the sea and a giant sea monster attacked them, so Tomy thought for a moment and he had an idea. He told Fnix to throw fire at the sea monster. Fnix spited out fire and the sea monster was hurt and it ran away.  Fnix was impressed that Tomy knew that he could do that so Fnix told Tomy all his power and they were:


·         Shutting fire.

·         Super speed.

·         The power to disappear.

·         The power to reappear.

·         Invisibility.

·         The power to create a shield.

·         The power to breath in outer spaces.


Tomy never knew that Fnix had so many powers but the more the merrier. Now Tomy was sure he was going to be safe with Fnix. But when Tomy had nothing to do he made combinations with all of Fnix’s powers and they come in handy. 


One day Tomy and Fnix were attacked again but by 10 sea monsters, Tomy wasn’t scared but Fnix was. Tomy told Fnix to make a shield and to shut fire and Fnix did it. One of the sea monsters went strait to attack, but the shields worked and at the end Fnix and Tomy were fine and all the 10 sea monsters were dead. And from there on, Fnix was sure that if he trusted Tomy, everything was going to be ok.


Fnix believed in Tomy but he wanted to know all Tomy had up his sleeve. One day Fnix asked Tomy what other strategies he had and Tomy said all his strategies that were:


·         Shield and fire

·         Invisibility and super speed

·         Disappeared and  reappeared to use fire


  Those and many more and sometimes instead of exploring they went to practice the strategies.


One day a nearby volcano irrupted!!!! The lava was heading to the city and Tomy saw it. He told everyone to run away, but they weren’t moving fast enough so Fnix and Tomy tried to hold back the lava. They weren’t strong enough, so Fnix shouted a really loud shout, 5 minutes later three Phoenixes were heading towards the lava and together they held back the hot melted rock long enough for the people to run away.


After the big accident the city was repaired and Tomy and Fnix got a reward. The people of the city made a monument made of light of Tomy on top of Fnix right on the spot where they save the city.


15 years later Tomy was all grown up and he had the most powerful sword and knife in the universe. Every time there was trouble Tomy and Fnix were there to save the city. He became indeed a good King. And they lived happily ever after.

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