The Flying Girl-Life in Collage (book 2)


In Angela’s second year of A.C., Max and she were still at the top of the angel class. They had more time to hang out and practice. They are closer now than ever. Also, by the time the angel turned 12 the color of the wings would turn to white. But for some reason the color of Max and Angela turned more intense. 

Angela learned to play guitar, and Max learned to play the drums. In their free time they made a band and preformed for the public (more angels).  July and Robby didn’t ever Image that there was a whole society of angels. But when she went to visit, on a bus with wings made buy a spell with feathers, she was proved wrong.

During the vacations of A.C. (Angel Collage), Angela and Max traveled to unknown places. This year the put on suits that covered their wings with a rubber like clothe and put a little enchanted feather in their mouths that let them breathe. And they went to Atlantis the lost city. There, they learned special aqua magic. Not many angels get to learn that kind of magic.

When Angela and Max went back to class, they got the chance to demonstrate all the magic. The whole class had their mouths open wide when the saw the water spells. So Angela decided that she wanted to start a class on the magic.

After one week of Angela’s special lesson, she had won 1,000,000,000,000,000 Puffs (angel money (100 dollars = 1,000 Puffs)).  She had 100 students per week and charged 10,000,000,000,000 each. She had all kinds of cool stuff; and was becoming very popular with students of all ages. But, in the collage she studied in was a very unique collage. Only the best of the best could join. That’s why she thought it was ok to give that class. Because the aqua people were very strict with the people they thought, angels could only go in the class if their G.P.A. was 3.55599 or more.

After a few months, Angela was totally rich. And her class had graduated and mastered the not deadly and weak aqua spells. She thought that if she showed her class the more dangerous spell, she would get in big trouble.  But when she tried to teach one, it was too hard for the class.

When Angela was counting her money in her room, Max came in with a picnic to share. But he wondered how Angela got all that money. So, he asked. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 

Max – Where did you get all that money from?

Angela – I thought you knew, I was teaching a special class on the aqua magic, but only the easy spells.

Max – I didn’t know, and I would have preferred for you to tell me what you were up to.

Angela – Sorry, but I put up posters all over school, everybody saw them.

Max – Well I didn’t!

Angela – Well, try to look better!

Max – How dare you, you’ve never yelled at me!

Angela – Well I never truly liked you.

Max – Well me nether!

Angela – So we should break up!

Max – I couldn’t agree more!

Angela – OK then, good-bye!

Max – Good-bye!

Angela was heartbroken after that. She spent a whole vacation crying, and so did Max. They had never noticed how much they needed each other.  Angela went back to Field’s Spurge, and Max went back to Belgium.  They were miles apart for weeks. But no matter what they tried, they couldn’t stop thinking about each other.

When Angela and Max got back to college, they and not even Chloe and Myles talked to each other.  The blue and the purple were totally separate.  Before, they were like bluple (blue and purple together).  The next vacation, Angela and Max are both heading the same way to Hawaii. But in the middle of the way, a black dragon appears out of nowhere.

 Actually, one was hunting Angela and another hunting Max.   the two dragons drove Angela and Max together. But they were still sad about the incident. But Angela made an aqua shield on herself and Max. Max was surprised; the shield was hard to make and to maintain. He looked at her and said that he was truly sorry, he had over reacted. Then he put up another shield to make it a double defense.  Then Angela looked at him; and remembered that they were in the same situation right before college. 

Max didn’t know how but he actually heard what Angela was thinking. And then, he started to think of all the good moments they had sheared. Thinking the same thing, they realized that the only way to survive was to work together. In their classes they had learned that dragons were smart, but with no mercy. So the only way to get out of it was to fight. But since dragons are fire creatures, the best way to win was to use the aqua magic. Chloe and Myles were powerless against the dragons which were five times their size.

Angela and Max knew this was going to be an even bigger fight than the one Vs Robert. But they were much stronger this time too. They tripled the strength of the shield and started to lift it. Then, together, they made small but powerful aqua balls fly out or the shield and hit the dragons. They separated the shield into two, one for Angela and the other for Max.

Angela got out of the shield, and made it into a pure water ball. Then the ball started to glow. And she threw a big feather into it. She shouted “AQUERIOUSE BOOMINOUSE!!!!!”  the ball of water turned white out of the power of the glow. Right after, she moved her arms, as if throwing something. And the ball went and the ball went at the speed of light towards the dragon. The dragon fell down a cliff into the ocean yelling “NNNNNOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!” and sinking, sinking, sinking and sinking.

Max took all the water from his shield and turned it into a huge sword. And he fought mano a mano with the dragon. The dragon with his tail and Max with a water sword, but the tail went right through the sword. So, Max turned the sword into ice. It was intense, but Max drove the sword through the dragon’s chest, and right before it died, Max told the dragon “Sharp ice, the only thing that can slay a dragon. Metal, plastic, wood or rock, none of that can damage you, ice on the other hand, can cut right through you.”

Both dragons were dead now. That just left Angela, Max, Chloe and Myles. Max apologized to Angela again, and she did the same. The told each other how sorry they were. . . . . . . . .

Max – I’m so sorry, I over reacted.

Angela – No, I’m sorry; I should have told you even before it actually happened.

Max – I forgive you, now do you forgive me?

Angela – I will, if you vow to me that we will never fight like that again.

Maw – I give you my word.

Angela – thank you so much, I’ll even pay “our” vacation to Hawaii.

Max – Our?

Angela – Yes, I have too much money anyway.

Max – Dose this mean that we are going out again?

Angela – I guess so.

Max – Well I’m glad.

Angela – Me too.

Max – Well what are we waiting for, Hawaii is waiting for “us”.

Angela – I’m glad to have you back.

Max – I bet you 200 puffs that I’ll get there before you.

Angela – You’re on!

So, Angela and Max were together again, with the dragon as a drop of water. And the couple went happily to Hawaii; to go learn Lava magic from the volcano mermaids. And they lived happily ever after, defending people from magical creators like Dragons and serpents.


The End!

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