The Flying Girl (book 1)

One November morning, a baby girl was being born. By the time she came out, her parents, named Robert (Robby) and Julian (July), saw two purple feathers sticking out of her back. After they saw those feathers they decided to call her Angela which is close to angel because she looked like an angel with those feathers. They thought that they were just the feathers of a bird, which fell on Angela when it was flying by. So July tried to pull them out. She tried and tried and tried but couldn’t get them off. Robby suggested of letting them fall off over time. So they just forgot about the feathers and started to raise Angela like a normal girl.

As Angela grew, the feathers multiplied and grew bigger. Each month a new feather came on each side and the ones that were already there got one inch bigger. The process was slow, but by the time Angela turned 5 years old, she had two wings big enough to make her fly. She could even move them a bit, but just a bit.

 At school she hid the wings under her shirt with a strap tying the wings to her back. But when she got home she removed that shirt and straps, and put on a shirt July, her mom, made for her. July was an unbelievably good dress maker. And she made shirts for Angela with holes to put her wings through. And she made all of Angela’s home clothes (clothes to wear in her house only) because she was scared that if anyone found out the truth, they would do bad things to Angela.

 The family was only July, Robby and Angela, they lived in a farm, only a 15 minutes car drive away from the main town called Field’s Spurge. In Field’s Spurge there was the school, the grocery store, the store for fabric, thread and sowing materials store, the clothes store, the bank, the car shop, the mall and a few neighborhoods. It was a small town but it had everything people needed to live.

 One day, when Angela got back from school, she saw a bird learning to fly in the yard. She saw the mother bird showing the baby bird how to fly. The mama bird was flapping her wings and hovering. So Angela decided to try to fly too. She flapped her wings once and lots of leafs went up flying. She flapped her wings twice and the tree behind her was making a lot of noise. When she flapped her wings for the third time, she jumped a bit at the same time, but she didn’t come back down. She kept flapping her wings softly and went higher and higher until she was on top of her house. Then she sat on the roof of the house. Right after, she started to cry because she couldn’t get back down. After a few minutes of crying July and Robby came running out of the house. When they saw her up there Robby ran to get a ladder, and July was wondering how Angela, a five year-old girl, could get up all the way to the roof of a three story house. In that moment she noticed that Angela’s wings were still flapping nervously and creating a bit of wind.

When Robby got back with the ladder, the two, July and Robby put it in place so Angela could get down. She was so exhausted from the flight, that she fell asleep as soon as she got into July’s arms. Angela kept trying to fly every day after school. She flew to the roof, came back down and fell asleep under an apple tree. By the time fall came she could stay up to an hour in the air. She thought it was all a secret, but July knew it all along because she saw Angela once flying across the upstairs window.

 One day, Angela flew so high up that when she tried to fly through a cloud, she bounced off. As if it was made out of rubber. So she tried flying around it. And when she got to the other side, she placed her hand on the cloud. And it felt spongy  and solid to her. The next day, she got the biggest rock she could carry, and went back to that spongy cloud. When she got there, she dropped the rock on the cloud. And the rock stayed on the cloud, just like it would be on a flouting pillow. So Angela took the rock off the cloud and tried putting it on another cloud. And it had the same effect. She did the same thing on all the clouds of the area. And the rock always stayed on the clouds.

After that she went back down to her house because it was already dark. When she got back down and turned around towards the door, she saw Robby and July both standing at the door, waiting for her. Then Robby asked with a very serious voice “Where were you all day?” Angela started to cry and went straight to her room but she clearly saw Robby’s face. She felt very bad because she thought that her secret was out. She saw the angry look on Robby’s face, she felt so scared; it was like in one of her nightmares of her parents trying to kill her. Just because of that she stopped trusting Robby and even thinking of him. She didn’t even think of flying again until she was eight years old. She had even forgotten how to fly. Angela tried to fly again, again and again but she had lost her inspiration.

 Every day she went to bed even before Robby got home. She barely saw her dad for almost three years. But then she forgot why she wasn’t talking or confronting Robby so she just went back to how she was before the incident. But she still couldn’t fly. Until on the first day of her third grade year, she saw a new student. But it turned out that he was from Belgium. So no matter how Angela tried to say something to him, she couldn’t for two reasons. 1. No matter what she said he couldn’t understand because he could only speak or understand French. 2. Angela was so shy she could not say a word to him. But it was clear to Angela that she liked him (but she didn’t like him, but like, like him). So she got back to her house and put on one of her home made shirts. Then she went outside to the apple tree, she sat under it and started to think of the new boy again. Then her wings started to move slowly, and then Angela started to hover just like the first time. Before she knew it she was flying again. She looked around and saw that she could do it again. She flew up in a circle, and when she got back to the cloud where she had put a rock three years ago, she yelled “YYYHHHEEEAAA!!!!!!” as loud as she could out of excitement. July herd that. But not by her ear, but by her heart, she knew that Angela could do it again.

The next day at school, the teacher introduced the new boy, his name was Max, and was not going to be all the time with the main group. He had to take extra classes to help him learn English faster. Max moved to Field’s Spurge because his dad was requested to help out in the company there, or that was what they thought. After about 4 months of class, Angela tried to talk to Max. She said “Hi Max, how good is your English now?” And he said to her back “Hello, I get better now, but still no perfect.” Angela was surprised to see Max’s progress. To think about four months ago he only knew how to say hello.

 After, Angela said to Max “My name is Angela; it’s very nice to actually meet you.” Max responded by saying “Nice meet you too.” Then all of a sudden the final bell rang, and everyone was getting their things and going out. As soon as Angela got home she broke her shirt and one of her pairs of straps so her wings popped out, and flew off. A few seconds later, her bag landed on the floor with her long gone into the sky.

By the time she got to her special clouds (the ones that are like flying pillows) July had just got out of the car with the groceries. Angela was so excited that she finally talked to her crush that she spun around three times and caught one of her feathers that fell off her. Right after that she thought of a heart of fire with her and Max in the middle, and tossed the feather. Then, in the middle of plain air, the same fire heart she had imagined appeared in the air. And it broke through one of the rubber clouds. Angela thought those clouds were impenetrable. Angela couldn’t believe her eyes, so to confirm what she saw she did the exact thing again, thoughts and all. The same exact thing happened. So she figured whatever physical thing she thought of when she tossed the feather, would happen.

To confirm that theory of hers, she imagined a banana on a rubber cloud. She didn’t stop thinking of the banana, spun and tossed the feather. The banana she had imagined ended up on the rubber cloud she had imagined it on. She was more surprised when she saw the banana than when she heard Max talk. Every day Angela kept practicing with different things each day. By the time she was ten years old she could even make an elephant appear on a rubber cloud. Also, by that time Max could speak perfect English and had already asked Angela to be his girlfriend. So they were dating, but Max didn’t know about Angela’s wings or powers.

One day after school, Angela went up to practice on using her powers, but a bird with a letter saying “To: Angela” on it came out of nowhere. So Angela pulled the letter out of the bird’s mouth and opened it. On it, it said. . . . . Dear Angela:

You are invited to attend the Special Secret School for Angels (S.S.S.A.). We give you this pleasure because we had a spy bird on your tail ever since you were born. We know that you have uncovered many of your talents and we are very proud of that. Not many angels get to the point you’re at all alone. So we offer you a mentor to teach you all you need to know to become a complete angel. We warn you that your mentor teaches a whole class, not only you. And most of the other students of the level that you are at are older than you. Your class begins at 3:45 on cloud #192.


Principal Marcelo Chingo.

Angela was very happy to be able to go to that school. And it was a good thing that that class started when the other class ended. Out of all her excitement, she told July everything, about The S.S.S.A., about her magic feathers and about her remembering how to fly again. And she asked her if she could attend the school. July wanted to let Angela go to the S.S.S.A. but she couldn’t bear getting her heart. But as soon as she saw Angela’s angel face, she couldn’t resist. So she ended up saying yeas to the S.S.S.A. Angela seemed to be very happy about it, but to tell the truth, she hadn’t even decided if she wanted to go to the school or not. She wanted to go, but what if the older kids were mean to her. So she let the aspect on hold, and continued with her normal life, as if she had never gotten the letter.

For some reason, Max was asking Angela out much more than usual. Before, he asked her out about once a week, now he asked her out every day of the week. Angela needed to find out what was up with Max. But no matter how many times she asked him “Is anything wrong?” He would just say “No, I’m fine.” So, just to have an excuse not to go on a date with Max, Angela decided to check out the school. Though it was a bit strange that all the dates were after 6:00 pm and Angela was suspecting something. Because the angel school ended at the same time Max always made the dates, she was starting to think maybe he was an angel too.

Angela wanted to make an excuse to not go to one of Max’s dates. So she decided to go to the S.S.S.A. But she wasn’t so sure of her decision. She kept reading over the note. She read it over, over, and over again. In the end, she started to fly to “Cloud 192” even though she had no idea where it was. After a while of flying, she saw a plank on a rubber cloud saying “Cloud #1”. She saw a plank on every cloud she passed. Since she was only on cloud #67, and had 127 more clouds to go, she wanted to fly faster. Ten minutes passed and she wanted to know on which cloud she was beside, so she stopped. To her surprise she was on cloud #200. She went 8 clouds too far. Then she went back the 8 clouds.

On “Cloud #192” Angela saw a huge building. She knew that the clouds were strong, but she had no idea that the clouds could hold a whole school. Then on top of the school she saw “Special Secret School for Angels” written on it. And she guessed that that was the place. She was nervous but she knew it was for the best.

 Once Angela got in the school, she saw a big door with “Principal’s office” on it. So she went in. she saw a big pair of wings on a chair. She shyly said “Mr. I’m here to get into a class, I’m Angela”.

The chair slowly turned, and a big man in a tuxedo was sitting on it. He opened his arms and went to hug Angela, and he said “Oh, Dear Angela I was wondering when you would arrive. Well my name is Marcello Chingo and I’m delighted to finally meet you in person.” Angela was surprised that he was such a kind person, like the opposite of her other principal (the one in her normal school).

Mr. Chingo gave Angela a purple locket. He told her that whenever she opened it her wings would pop out, and whenever she closed it her wings would get sucked in her body. Angela got stubborn and didn’t believe Mr. Chingo. He opened the locket and placed it around Angela’s neck and said “If you don’t believe me and you’re so sure nothing will happen, close it.” Angela closed the locket and her wings had disappeared. Then she opened it and her wings were back on her bake.

  Right after, Mr. Chingo led Angela to her class. But when they passed the class with the kids her age, she saw one of her class mates from her other school, and then another 2 class mates. She felt like one of the most confused people in the world. And Mr. Chingo told her that lots of angels lived in Field’s Spurge because it is a wide open area where angels could fly freely. And that encouraged the idea of Max being an angel.

When Angela got to her class she got introduced to everybody by Mr. Chingo. Then he whispered in her ear to go and demonstrate her abilities. So Angela flew up and made the feathers that fell off when she flew turn into butterflies, and when they flew they left a trail of glitter. And when the glitter fell on the ground, it turned into flowers.

When she landed back on the cloud, everybody started to clap. Angela felt so important. All her class mates looked up to her. Mr. Chingo whispered in her ear once again, but this time he said “You came right in time for class elections.” The teacher, Marianna said, “With that performance you might just be able to make it to class president, even though you are 5 years younger than everyone else.” Angela was so surprised that she decided to try her best to get the part.

The first class was feather throwing, Angela was nervous but she did it before so she can do it again. Marianna suggested that Angela should get first throw, Angela was very scared, but when she tossed the feather she hit the target, BOLZY. In that case it was a tennis ball flying in the sky; the exercise was to turn that ball into something that could fly. Angela turned it into a little unicorn with wings. The little unicorn went straight to Angela after she made her. Angela was puzzled, she was thinking of a bird. Marianna went and told Angela that that was supposed to happen because every angel at that age is supposed to have a flying unicorn the color of the wings of the person.

Angela looked back and saw everyone with unicorns with them. The she said “Okay then, I’ll name you Chloe.” Then Chloe said “Yay, mama.” Angela started to smile. Right after class she put her name on the class president board. By the time of the vote Chloe has had grown five times bigger and Angela was getting almost all the votes and her competition, Roger, was getting very mad. Not only because of the election, but before he was at the top of the class, but now that Angela came, he was second in the class.

Because of one B he got when Angela got all A++. He was plotting to get her in trouble when Angela was only teaching Chloe some tricks to enter her in the unicorn competition. In the end Angela ended up finding out that it wasn’t a class election, it was a school election. Then when she went up for her final speech before the last votes were put in and counted, she saw Max in the crowd. He had a pair of blue wings sticking out of his back.

After the speech, Angela went down and saw Max running away from her, so she flew up and stopped him. The first thing she said was “For how long did you know?” he replied with a guilty voice “Ever since I asked you out for the first time.” Then, all of a sudden Roger came out of nowhere and said “Angela, you’ll regret the day you ever stud up against me, you’ll regret it!!!” Angela seemed puzzled thinking “What did I ever do to him?” Max told her that he had won school president for the past five years because nobody stood in his way. And now that she came along, he was scared that she might take the thrown.

The next day, in the middle of class, Mr. Chingo came through the door and called Angela to the hall. She went there and Mr. Chingo said that she now belongs in the senior class. He added that Max was in the top of that class. After Angela herd that she went straight back in the other class and got all her stuff. The next thing Mr. Chingo knew, Angela was flying at the speed of light to the senior room.

 When she got there she was welcomed with open arms as the new school president. At that time, Chloe was already the size of a full grown horse. The next day was Angela’s birthday. July and Robby had a surprise party in the school for her and every student to enjoy. She couldn’t believe her eyes once she got in the gym. But over all she was surprised to see July and Robby all the way up there, on cloud 192. But Robert went and ruined everything by throwing the birthday cake in Angela’s face. Max was so mad that he went and almost punched the guy, but he decided to make a cage to put him in out of his feathers. And no matter what Robert tried to get out he couldn’t. Then Max went flying as fast as he could to go help Angela clean up and stop crying. July and Robby tried to go there but they had flown off again. She felt so bad that she went to sit on a cloud, and then she closed the locket and through it off the cloud. Latter she saw a blond head slowly coming up the edge of the cloud. It was Max with the locket in his hand.

Angela turned around and went to hug him. She felt so happy that he was there for her. He did his best to cheer her up. And he did his job well. His job was not to leave his girl upset. When Angela and Max got back to the gym, they saw that Robert was getting expelled from the S.S.S.A. Angela was so happy about that and said “He got what he disserved.” Everything was going perfect from that point on. Until two years later, when she flying back from school, she found herself in a dark area. The next thing she knew, she was getting pulled into an even darker cloud. And there was Robert ready to attack her. His wings had turned black and so did his unicorn. He was ready to attack. He was also in the senior year so it was an even match. But he had forgotten it was the senior year of middle school. And Angela had moved forward into high school. And now she was stronger than Robert, but not stronger than Robert and his unicorn. She was left alone and with not enough protection. But in those two years, Angela, Chloe, Max and Myles (Max’s unicorn) had made a mental connection.

Whenever one was in pain, all of them were. Even though Angela had made a force fled with an advanced feather technique, she was still in pain because it was hard to maintain and she had only just learn it that day in class. Angela became so weak that she fainted. But the last thing she saw was Max flying in with two unicorns.

When Max saw her there he also saw the black unicorn almost stepping on her. Then Chloe and Myles stopped the black steed. With him blocked off Max was free to go and get Robert back for everything he did. Angela woke up all a sudden and helped Max. By good fortune they won the battle. And Robert and his unicorn ended up fainting. Angela, Max, Chloe and Myles took them back to the school and told Mr. Chingo everything Robert did to Angela. So with Mr. Chingo and all the other teachers together they took the unicorn and all of Robert’s powers away. He even lost his wings.

Once he woke up he had forgotten about the school, his powers, the unicorn, Angela and the whole angel world. He was just a normal kid now. Angela got out of her normal school with Max and they went to Angel collage together to continue learning more skills. But this time with no parents and no more other school and no more Robert! They had the time all to themselves. And they lived happily ever after.

The End

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