The Aquatic Mermaid

One stormy and windy night, in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, there was an enormous beam of light streaming out of the horizon. The astonishing beam, alighted the whole sea. A flair of that type would only occur on one occasion; the birth of a new generation of mermaids. That rare event happens every two centuries; and it’s only needed that often, mermaids live for a bit over 1000 years each. During that season of birth, there were seven couples delivering. Two of the seven had already a child in their lives, and the other five, were having their first. 

         Most mermaids have very pale and dull colors on their fins, eyes and hair, and every mermaid has the same powers. The powers aren’t that impressive or extraordinary for mermaids in any way. They are basically talking to fish, breathing under water and the ability to calm minds of others, relieving them of all hate and pain.

 But that day, a new, special mermaid was born. It was a girl, and her parents decided to call her Miranda. She didn’t have the colors of a regular mermaid. She was just so obviously different. The second she opened her eyes and the blinding light vanished, her true colors were shown. With about 150 mermaids and mermen, and a couple thousand fish all staring at her with a confused expression on their faces, she started to cry. She didn’t understand why everyone was staring at her. There were six other babies just like her, right beside her, or so she thought. Miranda was not gray, or a pale green, surprisingly, she was PURPLE; a bright and light shade of purple. It was just obviously different, most mermaids tried to keep their 200-year-old children from seeing poor little Miranda.


         Poor Miranda just had to live with the different appearance of hers.  Slowly, she started to grow, and learn. Impressively, she learned how to talk with just six months of age. And she learned how to swim like a 300-year-old mermaid, or even better. She was one of the fastest fish in the sea.

         By the time Miranda was old enough to go to mermaid school, she went; but instead of going to the first year, she went to the 3rd. There, she felt so young and excluded, because she was five years younger and most of the other children hated her. Then, suddenly, but expected, every kid in the school started to insult poor little Miranda; and after a while, even the adults started talking bad about her.

 Miranda believed that there was more than water on earth. That somewhere there was something else to be found. She saw all around, small pieces of dry land (small islands).  She believed that there were much bigger areas of land as well, that the earth had a noticeable amount of land. Apparently she was the only one to believe that. The other mermaids said that those were lies, that there was only water, just like their home, Mermaid City. She knew it was true because she saw creatures on boats, and she heard that they call themselves humans; she figured that they had to live somewhere so she assumed that it was on the large bodies of land. Most mermaids don’t go to the surface. Miranda was the only one with the courage to go up all that way. The other mermaids believed that the fact of there being land and land creatures was just a myth. Everyone except Miranda, she saw them with her own two eyes.

  The problem of Miranda’s insults got so serious that they had to send it to the Coral Council. The council that decided the fate of all important, or different sea creatures, and now, their main case was Miranda’s.

         As the council was arguing non-stop about the case, Miranda just kept getting sadder and sadder. After 3 years Miranda decided that she had enough, and said to herself that she would run away. So, she just left, in the middle of the night, with everyone sleeping; she was not noticed at all, she seemed transparent. With her great speed and agile moves, she disappeared into the great blue sea.

         During her journey, Miranda discovered that she didn’t have the same powers as normal mermaids. She noticed that she could not talk to fish, because when they tried to stop her, all she heard was “Bubble, Bubble, and Bubble”. The only power she noticed that she had in common with the other mermaids was that she could breathe under water, and she could also breathe over water. There was one power that she discovered when she stopped near a tiny island. On the island, she saw a banana tree and wanted to eat one. The little 5-year-old started to swim towards the island and, when she got too close, her fins started to slide on the sand. Then, in her head, she imagined a crab. She focused her mind on the crab’s legs, and very silently, she whispered to herself “I wish I had legs like a crab.” After about 10 seconds, a bright light started to grow from her fins, and they transformed into legs. But they weren’t crab legs like she imagined, they were human legs. So, she stood up, got her balance, reached up to the tall tree and had a great banana dinner.


Miranda was born in the exact middle of the Atlantic Ocean, and she was heading north-west, towards the United Stated of America. She swam a very long way, about 2500km. And she could smell it in the air; she was getting close to a human populated area.

         As the days went by, Miranda continued on using her fins to swim, and her new-found legs to get fruit. One sunny and beautiful day, Miranda stopped to eat a coconut. And in the near distance, she saw a whale. She was just sitting there looking at the whale, and the whale started to swim close to the little island. As the whale swam around the island, it started to flap its fluke, creating a big splash, on instinct Miranda flinched. When she flinched, the water just stopped in mid-air. And when she moved her hands and fingers, the water mysteriously moved along with her movements. 

Miranda would be close to the USA by now, but no mermaid can swim perfectly straight for 2 months. One extremely dark night, she was just about to reach Panama, in Central America, but it was just so dark that she couldn’t see a thing. Blindly swimming, she accidentally went through the Panama Canal. So she went from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean and kept on going west, unaware of what she had done.  As other days went by, and more and more kilometers passed, Miranda started to lose faith. She started to believe that the other mermaid’s attempts to confuse Miranda about there not being any major land areas were true.

         One day, when Miranda was about to give up, a cloud just drifted away from the sun. When the sun revealed itself, a very bright and hot light came out. At around 12:00PM, it was so hot that Miranda got dizzy. She didn’t notice that she was swimming over the equator on a summer’s day. She just kept getting dizzier and dizzier, and, instead of going west, she got confused and started heading south-west.

         After another month on constant swimming, Miranda finally reached land. She got to Australia, Canberra. She was at the abandoned beach, placed right beside a highway and close to the capital of Australia. Of course, many cars passed, but none noticed poor Miranda sitting on the sand.

         Miranda was starving; it had been a whole day since she had found any food. She was so hungry, and by then she was too starved to keep her fins wet, so she just transformed into her legs, even though it took almost all the energy she had left.

         After the 3 months at sea, Miranda had figured out all her powers, and she had mastered on how to use them too. She was starving, until, a car stopped.  It was a tall, young looking, beautiful woman. The last thing Miranda heard, was “Ohh, you poor thing!” After that, Miranda just fainted.

         When Miranda woke up, she saw a plate full of food. There was salad, rice and 2 different steaks, chicken and beef. As she was looking up, she saw the same tall woman. The woman said, “Ohh dear, ohh my! How long were you there and where are your parents?!” Miranda was confused at first, it had been so long since she’s head someone else talk, but after a couple seconds, she understood. She did her best to reply, but she was too hungry so instead she asked if she could eat. The woman, with great apprehension agreed, and let the poor starving girl eat.

         After eating, Miranda fell asleep. She had not slept for the 3 months while she was at sea. She was extremely tired so she slept for 24 hours straight. Once she woke up again she saw a totally different surroundings. It turns out that the lady was living in the USA and she was on a vacation to Australia. She saw Miranda fast asleep, so she then decided to take a ship back to the USA, so then Miranda could come with her. When Miranda saw the woman again, she told her about her whole life. She said that she was originally a mermaid, and that she was different. She showed the lady all her powers and she told her all about the journey she had.

         Surprisingly, the woman believed all that Miranda told her. She didn’t doubt a single word. In response to that, the lady adopted Miranda. She also had to take time out of her day to make all the documents needed to travel and such.

         In September, Miranda started her first kindergarden year. She might have been in the 5th year in her aquatic school, but she only studied about the sea, and knew nothing about math, science, literature, ect. It turns out that mermaids have a lower mental capacity than humans do, and since Miranda was really smart for a mermaid, she fit in fine with all the normal kids. She started growing up just like a normal American girl. She had her issues, like “Ohh no, today that girl wore the same shirt that I did!”

         Miranda’s new foster mother, Kiara, was a very nice mother; she treated Miranda with love and care, but sometimes had to be a bit serious. Even though Miranda would be expected to be a bit more challenged when it comes to studying, but she was impressively smart compared to the other students. On her report card, she always had all A+

         Every thing went well for 5 years. Miranda already had forgotten most of her mermaid past. But everything got worst when Miranda and Kiara had to move. But Kiara’s job made her move to an awful place for Miranda. Any other 4th grade girl would have loved to move to that new house, but poor Miranda could never be happy moving there. Kiara’s job made the female duo move from Oklahoma to Florida. The house was right beside the beach, and ever since Kiara found Miranda, she had been scared of the sea.

         Florida is a beautiful place. It has Disney World, and wonderful beaches. Kiara’s job gave her an awesome beach house. It had a pool, it had a big yard, and it was a few yards from the sand of the beach. Florida was the closest state in the USA to her birth place. Miranda and Kiara left Oklahoma in July. By the end of August, they were done unpacking.

         By the time September came, with the beginning of Miranda’s 5th grade year, both Kiara and Miranda were nervous. At first Miranda had a warm welcome in her new school, but after a while, the kids started to get jealous of all of her good grades.

         Miranda never told anyone except Kiara about her past, and she was planning on keeping it like that. Miranda never forgot her true past because, even though she never changes back into a mermaid anymore, she still stays for hours under water in her pool. And she never stopped shifting and moving the water in the air, when no one is around.

         After the 5th grade graduation, Miranda had the confidence of the class. Everyone had gotten used to Miranda’s grades and since she never showed off, nobody cared anymore. In middle school, the class totally connected. No one was excluded from the group, and they did everything together. The class spent half an hour every day after school only doing homework, so then the next day, everyone had everything done for class.

         Miranda was so happy with her life, and she felt so sorry when she was looking back into her past of how sad and alone she was. And one day, the class decided to have a beach party, it was the middle summer vacation, and they all wanted to celebrate. The reason for the party was that the lowest grade in the whole class was a B. They also just wanted to have an excuse to have a cool party. That day was the first time in 6 years that Miranda went in the sea. Not surprisingly, nothing happened; she just looked like a normal girl having fun with her friends because she could change status at will.

         By the middle of 7th grade, during winter break, Miranda decided that it was time to face her real family. She went to a store and bought herself a purple bikini top. She got the perfect one, and she went to the sea with the bottom part as well. When she was so far that no one could see her, she changed into her fins and swam away. She swam so fast, you could barely see her. While she had legs, her muscles grew, and her fins were stronger than any other pair of fins in the sea. Miranda got to the Mermaid City in less than a day. Although when she arrived there, it was covered in waste. She looked around, and out of nowhere, her real parents came out. They hugged Miranda, and told her that, ships went over the surface of the water and dumped that junk all over. As outraged as she was, she lifted the whole area of the mermaids. With all the fishes and mermaids waddling on the dry floor, she split the huge water bubble on top of herself, in two parts. She put back on the ocean floor the bigger bubble, and she sent to outer space the other half, the one totally made of pollution. This was the first time when Miranda really needed her powers.

         After that, the Mermaid City was returned to normal, and the Coral Council had a meeting. The old mermen decided that Miranda could stay and be named a hero, and that they would build a castle just for her. Miranda, shocked with what she did and with the offer she was given, just swam back to Kiara.

         With Miranda exhausted, and with a bikini on, after having disappeared for a day, Kiara almost fainted. Miranda, briefly explained what happened, and Kiara said “Miranda, honey, you are 13 years old now, and this is your life we are talking about. I’m leaving this choice up to you. You can stay here with me, and stay in school, keep your friends and your house, or you can go live down there, as a Hero.”

Miranda and Kiara rented a boat, and took it right over Mermaid City. There, Miranda would announce her decision to Kiara, the Coral Council and the rest of the mermaids and mermen. She started a speech “I was born here, 13 years ago. I was born totally different from all the other mermaids. I was the black sheep in the middle of the other 1000 white sheep. As a child, I was insulted, excluded and disrespected. I traveled all around the world, just to find a good home, and when I finally found the place that made me the happiest, this turn of events happen; the fact that I saved all of you. Here I might be considered a hero, but up there, with all the humans is where I learn, where I have the most fun, and where I have true friends. I know I wished all my life that you people would accept me, but now, I see where I’m truly happy.”

That was what Miranda said, and that was her decision, to stay with the humans, and Kiara. She still did promise that she would visit, but she was happiest with Kiara. And Miranda lived her life the exact same way she did before visiting and saving Mermaid City, until she had to go to college. But that is another story.

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