The Chinese Hamster is a species of hamster, scientific names Cricetulus griseus, which originates in the deserts of northern China and Mongolia. These animals grow to between 7.5 and 9 cm in length and as adults can weigh 50-75 grams. They live two to three years on average. The Chinese hamster is often kept as a pet or (in the past) as a laboratory animal.

A Chinese hamster’s body proportions, compared with those of other hamsters, appear “long and thin” and they have (for a hamster) a relatively long tail. Males have a relatively large scrotum, therefore females are generally kept as pets and males are used solely for breeding and research purposes. Chinese hamsters are not related to the social “dwarf” hamsters. The term “dwarf” is often used to refer solely to animals in the genus Phodopus, (the two types of Russian Dwarf Hamsters and Roborovskii Dwarf Hamsters).

The wild colour is greyish brown above with a black stripe down the spine and a whitish belly. This coloration, combined with their lithe build and longer tail, makes them look “mousy” to some eyes and, in fact, they are members of the group called ratlike hamsters. Besides the wild colour, a well-known variation is the white-spotted Chinese hamster, which often is greyish white all over, with only a dark stripe on its back.

They have quiet temperaments and are easily handled; one of their endearing traits is that of clinging to a finger with all four paws, rather like a harvest mouse on a corn stalk. Chinese hamsters can be quite nervous as youngsters but, once they are tame, display an endearing calmness and gentleness of character.

In the past, Chinese hamsters were commonly used laboratory animals, until they were replaced by the common mouse and rat, which are easier to keep and breed. However, quite a few biotech drugs are still being produced by putting the gene for the protein into Chinese hamster ovary cells (CHO cells), which then produce the protein.

Of note, some US states such as California regard the Chinese hamster as a pest, and as a result require a special permit to own, breed or sell[1]. Other states such as New Jersey call it an exotic animal, and require a similar permit, in order to prevent the proliferation of non-indigenous animals [2].

They have no apparent control over their bladder and are commonly known to urinate on your hand when you are holding them.


I love hamsters. To some people they are just rats, but to my they are like puppies, or another cute animal. I just love them, thats why I have one at my house, she is all mine! She is a Chinese hamster named Gennevive. She is soo small and CUTE!! And she is my little baybe =).


My friend is goung to the U.S.A. for 2 months. She is taking her doggy, buy she can’t take her hamstar. So she is leaving him with me. I would say that after my friend, I’m the best hamster-care-taker in our class. Thats why she is leaving Rat-Sam with me. I have a girl, that is 40g. And my friend’s hamster is 60g. You can tell that mine is the hiper-active one ans my friend’s male is the calmer one. I just hope that I’m not left with billions of baybe chinese hamsters.


My brother always gives nick-names to the hamsters that lived in my house. Every name was funny and weiredly perfect for each hamster. In total we had 3 hamsters in my house. One of them died. But now I have mine and my friend’s.

Here are all the nick-names:

-Ashton (Male, 45g) = Bob [dead]

-Genavive (Female, 40g) = (Click)-Pile! [alive]

-Rat-Sam(Male, 60g) = Hamster-souras………RAAAAHHH [alive]


As you, my readers all know, I love hamsters. I have my little prrety one, and my friend’s………….. “obtuse” rat. He is 15g over weight. Thats like 15kg to us.

He is:

  • Cute
  • Fat
  • Nutty
  • Fat
  • Funny
  • Fat
  • Sweet

And did I say he is FAT?

. . . . . .

If not…………


But now he is getting less shy and more crazy, like my hamster. Befor he always screched when I took him out of his cage. Now he just trys to run. Befor he used to stay still… very still in my hand. Now he races from on hand to another, non-stop. Like my Cuttiy.  I feel that in no time he will be just the right weight, 45g.


After/hopefully soon

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  1. All these pics, they are all so cute.

  2. OMG your soooo lucky to have 2 of them in your house

  3. XD

  4. LOL

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