Its Been Forever!

I can’t believe I even remember that I still have this haha

I mean, blogs were all cool a few years back but most people don’t even have them anymore. With all the social networking and stuff. It makes me feel old just knowing that I still have a blog and that I check it once every five months or so haha.

Ahh~ I remember the good old days where I loved the Jonas brothers and had no worries other than dumb online games. Such a carefree life…

To update on my life… Well, I moved to Panama and I really miss my old friends in Brazil. Its not so bad here. We get all the good clothes and food from the US and at fairly cheep prices… but I’m not digging the Spanish that much. I miss Portuguese.

I’ve been reading a lot of fan fiction for like the past year. Its really entertaining and I can read up to 120 thousand words per day if I put my mind to it. So basically if the story is good then I’ll probably finish it in a day or two. I mostly read Naruto and Dragon Ball Z fanfiction since no other series have a good enough fan base to write decent fanfiction. I did read a few ones from Fairy Tail and Inuyasha that were pretty good. And there is one author whom I like that writes for Bleach. And another who writes for Code Geass.

I’ve been playing guitar lately as well. I’m nowhere near as good as my brother and I envy the hell out of it, but I kick his ass at drawing so its all good ^^


~ by Candy on 03/04/2012.

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