So lately, I haven’t been using this blog at all. It was a computer class project like three years ago, that’s why I don’t use it as much. I’m probably the only one in my grade who even remembers it.

But now a days I am mostly on this sight called deviantART and there i post all my Manga Drawings and stuff. I’ve also gotten pretty good at Digital Art.

My own dA page is if you wanted to know. If you have a dA, I’d love it if  you’d watch me XD

Anyway, I recently (actually, just now) made myself a new avatar. Before it was just a weird pic of myself, but now I got  a picture off google and edited it


What i basically did was change the colored and re-did the eyes

But deviantART is awesome, even if you don’t draw or write anything, its still good to have just to look at other art and stuff

Look through my page anyway XD


~ by Candy on 05/06/2011.

2 Responses to “devinatART”

  1. eehh, no, I remember it & sometimes use it 😀 but very rarely, though(:

  2. oh yeah, in case you don’t remember, that was Alice (:

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