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I was looking back on some of the posts here and there was only one thing going through my mind…

But I’m gonna leave them for memory’s sack.


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I Totally LOVE these guys!! Cellos playing rock? Why the hell not!! It sounds great!
Not to mention they’re both sort of cute =P

My Opinion on Pokémon

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Ahh~ Pokémon… I love it. It was my 2nd anime after DBZ, and its a very interesting universe to be in. I’ve been playing the games my whole life, and I still check into the gameboy games once in a while to remember. And when I’m really bored, I restart one. 
But theres something that has really irritated me for about 3 years now. ASH IS STILL TEN YEARS OLD!!!
I mean seriously, hes been on tv for about 15 years and he hasn’t aged even a single year… the series would be so much better if he has actually grown along with the time.
It wouldn’t have been that hard for the producers to have taken a note that.. “Ok, so two days have passed in this episode, that makes a total of 365 days since his birthday in episode one… next episode we should start it with his 11th birthday celebration instead of that Team Rocket repetition crap”
I mean, keep the kids interested as they grow up.. like when he turnes 13, make him blush when his face accidentally gets too close to Misty’s or May’s.
The original series is so much better than the ones now, so for the little kids, they can go from the beginning, and as they grow they stay interested. 
Another thing that kinda pisses me off is the “TEAM ROCKET IS BLASTING OFF AGAIN *tink*” seriously… The first three times, it was scary… now its just annoying.  They NEVER accomplish anything, and Ash isn’t even scared of them anymore. They should appear every dozen episodes or so to give them a scare, have an intense battle, then go on with the story for the next 12 episodes.
I’ve said a lot more bad things about this show than i have good things, but the truth is that i love it. I’ve recently watched a few of the movies and i’m even playing the game. but it’d be a lot better to have them older, to have a little romance and drama. A little less team rocket and more suspense. 

and thats my honest opinion

How My Mind Works

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I was just remembering a conversation I was having with my friend, and she said that she talked herself to sleep, like talking in your mind. So that got me thinking if everyone’s mind works the same. So I’ll explain how mine works as best I can then you tell me if yours is the same.
So, in the foreground of my mind, I have my voice. It talks a lot, but I can control exactly what it says. I often find myself saying in my mind ‘Why am I even thinking this since I already know what I was going to say‘ Thats true, but I probably find it more comforting to actually have it in words. I think it makes the thought more real. But the lower levels of my brain work a lot faster than the foreground, and the foreground is the one that talks.
Underneath the foreground, there are throughs on pretty much everything, reasoning and analyzing the situation. In that area there is no such think as language, while the foreground is usually in English or whatever language I’m reading or speaking at the moment. 
And even bellow that level, there is something that is purely images. I tap into that more when my eyes are closed or when I’m not paying attention to what I’m seeing. The images can vary from something original, to something from my memory to pretty much anything. I believe that this is the most imaginative and creative part of my mind. But these images are usually standing still and not moving. 
When they are moving, it is usually as if I were watching a movie or and anime show. I think I get this from the influence of the media. Even when I picture myself in the situation, its still in third person.
I know my brain is really weird, but I hope you found this entertaining.

Its Been Forever!

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I can’t believe I even remember that I still have this haha

I mean, blogs were all cool a few years back but most people don’t even have them anymore. With all the social networking and stuff. It makes me feel old just knowing that I still have a blog and that I check it once every five months or so haha.

Ahh~ I remember the good old days where I loved the Jonas brothers and had no worries other than dumb online games. Such a carefree life…

To update on my life… Well, I moved to Panama and I really miss my old friends in Brazil. Its not so bad here. We get all the good clothes and food from the US and at fairly cheep prices… but I’m not digging the Spanish that much. I miss Portuguese.

I’ve been reading a lot of fan fiction for like the past year. Its really entertaining and I can read up to 120 thousand words per day if I put my mind to it. So basically if the story is good then I’ll probably finish it in a day or two. I mostly read Naruto and Dragon Ball Z fanfiction since no other series have a good enough fan base to write decent fanfiction. I did read a few ones from Fairy Tail and Inuyasha that were pretty good. And there is one author whom I like that writes for Bleach. And another who writes for Code Geass.

I’ve been playing guitar lately as well. I’m nowhere near as good as my brother and I envy the hell out of it, but I kick his ass at drawing so its all good ^^





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So lately, I haven’t been using this blog at all. It was a computer class project like three years ago, that’s why I don’t use it as much. I’m probably the only one in my grade who even remembers it.

But now a days I am mostly on this sight called deviantART  https://www.deviantart.com/ and there i post all my Manga Drawings and stuff. I’ve also gotten pretty good at Digital Art.

My own dA page is http://cantrona.deviantart.com/ if you wanted to know. If you have a dA, I’d love it if  you’d watch me XD

Anyway, I recently (actually, just now) made myself a new avatar. Before it was just a weird pic of myself, but now I got  a picture off google and edited it


What i basically did was change the colored and re-did the eyes

But deviantART is awesome, even if you don’t draw or write anything, its still good to have just to look at other art and stuff

Look through my page anyway XD

Vic Mignogna

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Vic is an anime voice actor. He is best known for playing Edward Elric from Fullmetal Alchemist. He is also known for playing Broly in DBZ, Fai in Tsubasa Chronicle, Dark in DN Angle, and Tamaki in Ouran High School Host Club.